Double Coupon Rules 1. Manufacturers Coupons with a face value up to 50¢ will be doubled. 2. Coupons with a face value of 51¢ to 99¢ will be rounded up to $1.00. 3. Coupons with a face value of $1.00 or more will be redeemed at face value. 4. Offer applies only to items regularly stocked by the store. 5. No expired coupons accepted. 6. Coupons for free merchandise will not be doubled. 7. Coupon Value cannot exceed price of item. 8. Coupons cannot be doubled on Cigarettes or Liquor items. 9. Only one manufacturer’s coupon can be accepted per product. 10. Only 3 Identical manufacturer coupons may be doubled and a maximum of 15 total coupons doubled, per day. Other limits may apply, rules may be changed without notice. Thanks, Hickman's IGA